Team Sue Harmon - Strides Walk 2015


“You Have Breast Cancer.”

I heard these words on December 22, 1998. Holding my 6 month old daughter and watching our three-year-old play dress-up, I thought “How am I going to cope with this news?”

Since my initial diagnosis in 1998, with the support of my husband, my daughters, my family, friends, neighbors, my school community and the community at large, I have done more than cope. I am dedicated to helping find a cure, raising awareness, raising funds, and offering support to those whose lives have been touched by this dreaded disease. Will you join me in helping others?

Making Strides walk 2013… Please join us!

I hope you will join me and TEAM SUE HARMON on Sunday, October 20, 2013 for the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Manhattanville College, Purchase NY. MSABC… is a non-competitive walk that takes place in cities across the country. My annual participation in the MSABC walk helps raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research, patient services, education and advocacy. I hope that many of you will once again join me on the walk to show your support of this very important cause, which has affected too many we know and love. Hope to see you there!


A student came to our classroom today all decked out in his THINK PINK outfit, dug into his pockets and pulled out a fist full of pennies, nickels and dimes and told me, “Mrs. Harmon, I want to help make a difference… this money is from my piggy bank and it’s for your Making Strides walk.”

Yes, I cried.

A Time of Thanksgiving… November 2009

As I am gearing up for my last treatment on Tuesday 11/24 and preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, I think of all of the people for whom I am grateful. I also think about how blessed I am to be alive, especially after my recurrence last September. I am truly grateful to you, my family, friends, TEAM members and donors for your ongoing love and support through my year long treatment protocol and for supporting my efforts with the American Cancer Society’s 2009 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign. I am relieved that my treatment is coming to an end and am looking forward with HOPE in my heart.

I am honored and proud to report back to you that I am, once again, the #2 fundraiser in the NATION for Making Strides. This year with the help of TEAM SUE HARMON, we raised over $88,000 bringing my eleven year fundraising total to over $542,000…and still counting! There is no way I could have raised this amount of money without your incredible generosity, support, love and well wishes. I know we all have charities we choose to support each year, and I am incredibly thankful that you continue to support my efforts with Making Strides! Even in tough economic times, cancer does not rest – as I have learned first hand! Together, we are indeed Making Strides in supporting research, funding patient services, spreading awareness and education about the disease as well as supporting advocacy. Our donations are making a difference in people’s lives.

This Thanksgiving, please know that I am thinking of you and yours, and how grateful I am for your unending support. I think of all of the people we have directly helped over the last eleven years, myself included. I also think of all those we know and love who have and continue to face hardship and illness and those who we have lost to this dreaded disease.

The Harmon family wishes you and yours a Thanksgiving full of love, good health, happiness and hope.

I am Thankful for you!


Updates: Relay for Life and Sue’s Surgery on 5/8/09

Dear Family and Friends,


Thanks to all who supported Hackley’s Relay for Life this past Saturday! It was a great inaugural event, raising awareness and nearly $26,000 for the American Cancer Society! I was honored to participate in the event and was amazed by how many Hackley students shared their stories with me about how cancer has affected their lives. One Upper Schooler introduced herself and told me of her mother’s recent bout with a double mastectomy, chemo and treatment. She thanked me and the American Cancer Society for supporting her by having an event that she felt supported her. Another student told me he was happy he could take part in such an event to support his friend who lost his mom to cancer. How wonderful that the event supported so many people in so many different ways.


I came across this quote today and it made me smile,

Tough times don’t last, but tough people always do! —Anonymous

That quote describes the Harmon family. We are tough! Yes, the last eight months have been very tough on our family and those we love, but we are indeed tough and are getting through it with the help of your love and support. Thanks to each and every one of you for your part in helping us get through this time.

Achilles: Last Thursday, the doctor felt that my Achilles has had enough time immobilized and I am now walking without the boot! I am taking each step carefully and am avoiding any miss-steps. As I regain strength in my foot, ankle and leg, I may pick up my pace and begin jogging in the near future. Nice to be back in sneakers and walking! One day at a time!

Surgery: Tomorrow, Friday, May 8th, I go in for what we hope is my last surgery. The procedures on Friday are basically aesthetic in nature and are a follow up to the many surgeries I have had since the initial October 1st surgery. My plastics team is incredible and they are very positive about the final “product.” While I am of course a bit nervous about being on the operating table yet again, it will be nice to have this all behind me. Time for me to heal and get back to feeling like myself.

Treatment: I will continue to go for infusion treatment every week or every other week through November 2009. I am experiencing some side effects from the treatment, but all in all it has been tolerable. (It is amazing how many women I know who are currently undergoing the same protocol and we are all experiencing similar effects. It never is as easy as they tell you, but we are tough!)

I look forward to the upcoming months to get back to feeling like myself. Our family will spend as much time as possible up at the beach cottage this summer to enjoy time together, celebrating! It has been a journey and I look forward to the next steps towards total healing. I have third graders who are waiting for me for the start of school in September. I plan to be back, and better than ever!

As always, thank you for your kindness, thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Please think of our family on Friday as I am in surgery. Your support has gotten us through so much!

I’ll be in touch.



P.S. Kathryn has NOT had any more run-ins with any sting rays, Dave is still networking and interviewing for a new job, and Yes, Molly is still is still being housed in a protective bubble! Humor, have to have it!